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Didcot Swimming Club is a non competitive club that offers swimming lessons to children of all abilities from age 6. Our primary aim is to teach each an individual to swim the 4 conventional strokes and enjoy swimming and keeping fit.  Didcot Swimming Club has been providing lessons for children around Didcot and its surrounding areas for over 40 years, which has helped us to gain considerable experience and knowledge in the teaching of swimming.

We have STA (Swimming Teachers Association) qualified teachers who conduct structured swimming lessons aimed at developing each individual swimmers’ technique. We understand that different individuals develop at different speeds and so progression to each level is achieved on a technical basis and not a set timescale.

In addition to this, we run swimming lessons in personal survival and various other awards,  in which club members are invited to take part. We also run an adult swimming session which provides the opportunity for adults to swim in a quiet peaceful session.  This chart shows the various sessions offered by the club.

Our lessons are available for an affordable price of just £54 per term (approx. 15 weeks) + £15 Annual membership fee – a very good price in relation to most other organisations.

Swimming lessons take place every Sunday from 18:00 to 21:00 at the Didcot Wave. We are a completely independent swimming club and are not run by the pool staff.

If you are interested in joining us, please view our Contacts page and feel free to call or email us.

The form for joining and paying fees can be found here.

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